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Discover how being online can add new skills and experiences to your life.

Welcome to Be Connected

Be Connected is an Australian government initiative committed to increasing the confidence, skills and online safety of older Australians. Be Connected aims to empower everyone to use the internet and everyday technology to thrive in our digital world.

Access Information & Service Providers

The online world contains a vast array of information, all at your fingertips

National Recognition

Be Connected is not just a website; it is a national movement working across Australia, within communities, to help people with their digital skills.

Remain Independent

Learn at your pace, and learn the skills to conquer technology

Vera is a busy mother, grandmother and business co-owner. Vera has hit a wall when it comes to new technology and struggles to keep up. With the help of Be Connected, Vera learnt how to grasp new technology, connect with her local community, and sell some of her unwanted furniture online.

How can Be Connected help you?

Empowering You with Skills and Knowledge in what YOU want to learn

Topic Library

Technology is a term that covers a lot! With the Be Connected Topic Library you'll be able to browse and choose what you want to learn. From how to charge a smartphone to online shopping, there's a lot of new things to learn!

No Mumbo Jumbo

The topics and learning experience offered by Be Connected uses simple to understand language and minimal tech jargon so that you'll be able to understand everything.

Step By Step Instructions

Everybody learns at a different pace. That's why the Be Connected learning experience is structured to ease you into concepts with planned out lessons and sections.

Interactive Activities

Most of the topics you'll be learning about will have an interactive component such as identifying correct email addresses so that you can put what you're learning to the test!

Learn at Home

Be Connected is designed so that you'll be able to learn on your own wherever you have access to a computer!

Face-to-Face Help

As a Be Connected Partner, ReadyTechGo is committed to holding free fortnightly "Digital Discovery" sessions. These sessions are designed for you to come into our office, along with your device, and receive face to face assistance to support you with the Be Connected Learning Program. It's also a great way to meet fellow Be Connected participants. Spaces are limited though so get in quick!

How is ReadyTechGo involved?

As a Be Connected Network Partner, ReadyTechGo will be holding Be Connected "Digital Discovery" sessions at our office, where you can come in for free technology assistance. This assistance is face-to-face in our office where we’ll be able to explain concepts, answer questions and help you along your journey. Act fast as we are limited to 30 places!

Group Sessions

For a limited time, we will be offering our popular workshops as part of the BeConnected program. Please check our EVENTS page for all upcoming workshops!

Why is the BeConnected program free for me to attend?

ReadyTechGo received a grant, enabling us to provide technology workshops to eligible participants. This will run for a limited time only (as funding is not ongoing).

Am I eligible?

In order to attend our workshops for free, please register for a BeConnected account here, and choose ReadyTechGo as your Support Centre

Why do I need to register for a BeConnected account?

As the funding is provided by the government, registering for an account allows the government to track that the initiative is gaining momentum, and people are interested in gaining digital skills! If the initiative continues to be a success, we hope that more funding becomes available so we can continue to deliver workshops free of charge to you!


Frequently asked questions about our 'Be Connected' group sessions

Do I have to attend every session?

Not at all! Be Connected is all about self learning at your own pace. However, if you would like somebody around who’ll be able to answer some questions as you work through the learning modules then attending a group session or two may be beneficial!

Do I have to bring my own device?

Yes. As Be Connected is all about self learning you’ll need to bring your laptop or tablet in order to participate.

Should I bring earphones/headphones?

Yes. Some of the Be Connected learning modules may require you to watch a video so it’s a good idea to bring some earphones/headphones so that you can easily listen!

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