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Essential Keyboard Shortcuts

September 13, 2021

Computer shortcut keys everyone should know! It’s a no-brainer that computers have become a very important part of our daily lives! Keyboard shortcuts have been created to offer a quick way …

How To Spot A Spam Email

August 23, 2021

Your guide to spotting spam emails and avoiding getting scammed! With a lot of people spending more time online and at home, spam emails masquerading as notifications. So how can …

Payment Interception Scams

April 2, 2021

PAYMENT INTERCEPTION SCAMS Be careful when making payments online! Making payments online is now a routine part of life for many of us, but we all need to stay vigilant …

Apps To Delete Immediately

September 17, 2020

Apps To Delete Immediately If you have them installed, deleted them! Malware which can steal money from users has unfortunately been found hidden in six Android apps. This malware takes …

Lesser Known Chrome Features

September 12, 2020

Chrome Features Some are useful, others are just nifty! 1.) Incognito Mode! Incognito mode is a fantastic way of browsing the internet without Chrome recording your history or storing any …

Virtual Zoo Tours

September 2, 2020

Virtual Zoo Tours Let the zoo come to you! In keeping with last week’s theme of cute animals, Zoo’s Australia have collaborated with various zoos around Victoria to bring you …