In an interactive group environment

“Being shown step by step how to use some very useful apps. I was able to download and start using some immediately. I particularly liked the how-to videos and the wine label scanner -went home and checked out some of the wines in my cellar. ”

Attendee, Boroondara Library

How Can we help you?

Empowering You with Skills and Knowledge

Face to Face & Practical

ReadyTechGo's workshops are practical and enjoyable. Our expert trainers make sure they explain things using language you understand. Workshops are full of practical activities and exercises

Printed Notes

We don't expect you to remember everything! To make sure you can practise your learnings at home, all students are provided with handouts

Tips & Tricks

The best part about our workshops are the tips and tricks that we can show you! Shortcuts, cool features and general tips that youc an show off to your friends and family!

Trainers with Personality & No Mumbo Jumbo

Our workshop Trainers love "being on stage"! We know that you learn better when the teacher is passionate and the content is engaging. Absolutely no mumbo jumbo from us!

A Range of Workshop Topics

That are constantly evolving...

Online Shopping

Enjoy the benefits of online Shopping! Access shops all over the world right at your fingertips

Create Photo Books

Want to turn your beautiful digital photos into a printed book? In this interactive workshop we describe some of the main websites available for creating photo books. Choose your preferred website to use in the workshop and we will assist you through the process of turning your digital photos into a photo book.

Summer vacation planning background. Booking tickets online, tablet with copy space preparation for travel, tourist stuff on map, top view

Travel with Technology

In Travel with Technology we give you tips for taking your technology on holiday, how to use technology to make the most of your holiday and things to be aware of when you have your tech with you on your trip. Let us help you make your next holiday the best it can be, with our workshop on how to integrate tech into travel..

Beginners Guide to iPad

The iPad is a great device for getting your foot in the technology door. While they are user friendly, it’s always good to know where to start. This session will cover the basic functionality of an iPad, explain some common feature uses and lay the foundations for you to get to know your new iPad.

Smartphone Photography

Smartphones are a fabulous tool to capture precious moments. Let us show you what your devices are capable of!

Tips & Tricks – Apple

Apple devices have many hidden features.  In this workshop we uncover all the tips and tricks to help you get more out of your device. How to lock notes with a password, how to undo functions and more! *Apple devices only

Intro to Windows 10

Windows 10 is the newest version of Windows and it’s jam packed with features and improvements over other versions of Windows.

Social Media

Get social on social media! We offer various Social Media workshops including: Facebook 101, Instagram, Promoting yourself on Social Media and more!

The Cloud

“Cloud” is the new buzz word on the street, yet it’s so mysterious and confusing! In this workshop, we explain what “Cloud” is, and how and why you should use cloud services.

All about Apps!

With literally millions of apps to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. In ‘Get Appy’, we go through the basics of the App Store, how to search for an app based on interests, and how to use apps to streamline certain day-today activities and be more efficient!

Work on The Go

Smartphones and Tablets are fantastic work tools, that can help you work on the go more efficiently.

In this workshop, you will discover a bundle of apps that help you save time, stay organised, and work from anywhere in the world.

Online Entertainment

“ Thanks for providing such a high quality training sessions – I can tell you that the punters appreciate it ”

Claire, Community Outreach Library Officer

What Clients Say

Don't take our word for it, Here's what our clients think!


Judy Lay

Melbourne, VIC
Absolutely sensational, Matt was amazing! Many many thanks!

Paul Kingston

Melbourne, VIC
"Technically knowledgeable personnel, prompt response to initial call, rang exactly at prearranged time for remote assistance and rectified my email problem within minutes which I was unable to resolve after hours of frustrating attempts. A most professional and efficient business that I have recommended to others in the past & will continue to do so in the future."

Liz Barwell

Melbourne, VIC
Thank you for your time and expertise Lisa. You always give me the best options and help me understand each step of whatever I ask even if I’ve asked many times! Your patience is greatly appreciated and I’m learning all the time.

Alison Lee

Leisure and Lifestyle Assistant - Coppin Centre, Royal Freemasons
Thank you very much. We think Matt is AMAZING! The work he did with one of our past residents was excellent!

Louise McInerney

Melbourne, VIC
"My husband and I were delighted with the photobook session that Ryan Hodder conducted yesterday. He’s a great asset to your team."

Upcoming Workshops

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iPad for Beginners
1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Balwyn Library - 230 Balwyn Rd, North Balwyn VIC 3103

The iPad is a great device for getting your foot in the technology door. While they are user-friendly, it’s always good to know where...

photo edition
Apple Tips & Tricks
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Malvern Library, 1255 High St, Malvern VIC 3144

Apple devices have many hidden features. In this workshop we uncover all the tips and tricks to help you get more out of your device. How to lock notes with a password, how to undo functions and more! *Apple devices only


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