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Alphington, VIC

Travis is helping my brother to become more independent in life by using more of his mobile and laptop functions.

He is absolutely wonderful. I drop by and quietly listen in to some of the lesson so I can reinforce the learning as it will make my life easier too. Travis is patient, teaches tips that we take for granted (like where to look on a screen), gives my brother confidence, takes small steps and ensures he practise‘s throughout the week, and is genuinely interested in his life routine so as to build in opportunities to use technology.


Russell, Doncaster

Doncaster, VIC

We are very pleased with Matt B, He was wonderful! Very clear, and did a great job, We just wanted to express our appreciation



Melbourne, VIC

Just a big thank you to Ping who helped me yesterday. Answered all my questions and sorted all the issues I have had for months. Very happy, she was just the expert I needed.



New Zealand

Thanks again for the wonderful service in helping my father with some computing issues.  He is now successfully Face Timing me, and my parents thought your staff member was great (David).



Mcleod, VIC

Lisa has a perfect way of teaching tech to me. The appointment was excellent. I will definitely be in a position to launch my business, once I’ve had a few more lessons.
Thanks Lisa



Melbourne, VIC
I just finished my first lesson with Matt and he was really lovely.
No stress, very patient and helpful, l actually learnt something today.  I’m so happy that I have found someone who knows what he’s doing and has a great sense of humour as well. I’m really excited about my next class with Matt!

Helen M


Sorted out all my issues and Paul also came up with solutions that should help with my phone.
Very pleased with outcome

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Just a note of Thanks for all your help with my microwave. I have had a microwave previously, but the new one had so much technology. As I am nearly 85 years old and couldn’t cope. Brad came to my house and because of his nice and professional manner, I am now able to cook again


ReadyTechGo, you are my saviour! It would have taken me 6 months in a classroom to learn what you taught me in a lesson

Paul Alphington, VIC

I just want to congratulate Lisa on the outstanding service and support she provided to me this afternoon. I could not have asked for or expected such outstanding, accessible professional support. After one hour with Lisa’s help, I now have a level of confidence with computers etc. I have not experienced before.

Peter Glen Iris, VIC

You've changed my life. I never thought I would be able to do things on my iPad, and now I can write emails and enjoy it