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[iconitem title=”Personalised Technology Lessons” icon=”icon-edit”]Technology seems to move so rapidly that it is difficult for anyone to keep up to speed! Our personalised in-home technology lessons will help you understand the fundamentals of your technology.[/iconitem]

[iconitem title=”We come to you” icon=”icon-home”]We arrange a time that suits you, and our patient and supportive trainers will train you using your technology, in the comfort of your own home or office.[/iconitem]

[iconitem title=”Step by Step Instructions” icon=”icon-cog”]We understand that everybody learns at a different pace. We make sure we write everything down so you can go back through the notes if you need a little refresher.[/iconitem]

[iconitem title=”Tech Savvy Trainers with awesome personalities” icon=”icon-thumbs-up”] Our trainers are very tech savvy. What’s their difference and what makes them stand out from the crowd? They are great teachers who love to share their knowledge. We also put them through a test to make sure they can carry interesting conversations.[/iconitem]

[iconitem title=”Absolutely NO mumbo jumbo” icon=”icon-magic”] Our trainers are trained in deciphering tech jargon. They use plain English and will provide explanations that you will understand.[/iconitem]


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