Paul B

South East

Hi, I’m Paul, and I am here to assist in enhancing your knowledge and abilities in the tech world. My background started as a counsellor and moved to community services/youth work and then teaching at TAFE. I then went into an IT position of front end admin and lead ealearning educator (teaching staff how to use the online system for teaching, and doing the front end admin).
I am passionate about assisting people to reach their full potential – previously in life, but at ReadyTechGo with their tech skills. it doesn’t matter what I know, our session is never ‘boring’ or ‘slow’ – my goal is assisting anyone of any age, race, ability – to understand tech the best they can.
I love at your pace and work toward increasing knowledge based on your skills and understanding. No one is unable to learn, with the right pace – we will have you feeling confident with tech…. Maybe even showing the younger ones how it’s done.

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